Never say this to a runner:



”____/km? Wow, you’re really slow.”

It shatters their psyche. It shatters their spirit. Every BODY is a runner, no matter how slow, or short.

Be a good sport. Encourage them to grow instead of trampling their efforts.


Also never compare yourself to others. That destroys it just the same

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Rediscovering passion

This week I have done 2 things that I haven’t done in a while: yoga and running.

Ironic… my name is literally that, but the end of the school year has taken away from everything I love.

Getting onto the mat with an intention to rediscover what I loved the most was uplifting.

But it wasn’t until I ran the mile test for my final in gym class that I realized I’ve been missing out. The clarity in my mind post-run is beautiful.


Just a reminder: A short run is better than no run. A slow run is better than no run. A bad run is always better than no run.

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So I saw the first picture on my dash and could not be more repulsed/motivated.  Repulsed because the ideologies in the first photo are wrong —you don’t destroy yourself to be happy.  You improve yourself.  Depriving your body and your soul of nutrients and fuel gets you nowhere.  

Then, I was motivated to make the bottom picture.  So many people have helped me become who I am today.  I too, once used the top photo as “thinspiration”.  I then learned that harming yourself is not the answer to anything.  If I learned anything from this process, it’s to remain true to myself.  Feeding myself and fueling myself with positive thoughts got me as far as I am today.  Not negativity or body shaming.

woooo you go girl

Thank you for this!

Best thing ever! THANK YOU!

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Reblog this if you are a runner


Not because you run fast, not because you run long, not because you look good while running. Just because you run!

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Quinoa flake oatmeal made with pb, cinnamon, vanilla, apple sauce and mashed banana, topped with the remaining banana, crushed pecans and walnuts, coconut and a drizzle of maple syrup.

I love breakfasts like this that keep you satisfied for hours. :)

must try

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"What I can say, is when you’re running you find that despite the fact that you are feeling pain, you find that if you try to show the physical appearance of happiness you find this generation of energy inside your body. So, even if you are feeling a lot of pain, try to feel happy."

—Wilson Kipsang, 2014 London Marathon Champion

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Today I ran my first race, a 5k I’ve been training for just a month. I finished at 36:40 and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.


Krystal Cantu 85lbs Clean & Jerk 

I don’t lift but SHIT 

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